Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Expanding our ride on the coconut train.

Nest 3. Still just 4 precious eggies. I am going to put my guess for hatch date at May 1st...but since I don't know when the eggs were first laid I could be totally wrong, and it could be sooner than that. I can't wait.

There is something so sweet about a bird nest, isn't there?

Mommy bird watches me while I take soon as I leave she comes right back. I haven't seen the Daddy bird for a day or so now, hope he hasn't been hurt, the stats on the chicks making it go down if both parents aren't helping.

Costco trip...the kiddos got to sample a lot of yummies today. This one did not make me entirely happy, kettle corn. I have been a real stickler on popcorn, I read too many scary stories and decided to make our home a popcorn free zone until 6...the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a minimum of 4 years old before sharing popcorn with your child. I admit over the last year and a half Jason has allowed the trio popcorn...when I wasn't around, but he knows for the most part it is on the "No list" LOL. As the trio are nearing 6 we have been getting a little more lax, today we let them have the sample as we rolled through Costco. Against my better judgement Jericho got some too...thankfully he ate it without incident.

 Enjoy it buddy, it will be your last for a long while.

Heading home with some frozen yogurt...their fave part of a Costco trip I'm sure.

More coconut goodness! This "super food" seems to be sweeping the country, I see it everywhere...from water to treats. We dipped our toe in 2 months ago when I bought my first jar of Coconut oil, which is almost gone already LOL. Today we branched out and decided to try a few more coconutty products. My first coconut milk, haven't tried it yet...but I will tomorrow. I hope it's good, or I will never hear the end of it from Jason.
Also grabbed a bag of coconut flour...we don't use a lot of flour in this house, but I thought this would be a nice change from wheat. I have read good things about the Nutiva flour, excited to try it tomorrow in a Chocolate mug cake.

Believe it or not none of us have ever had Nutella, so we will be trying that too...I have a feeling it is going to go over VERY well LOL.
I like this company already. I don't care where you stand on the whole GMO thing...but I DO think we should be able to make informed choices, and food should be labeled. Good for you Nutiva.
We also grabbed a couple of these. They are AWFUL, in fact if you buy some DO NOT open the bag and try even one, just send them to me ;) This is bad for the diet, we have relaxed a little...need to buckle down again, we have both put back on a couple pounds over the last 7 weeks.

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