Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No fools here.

No April Fools jokes here today. This morning was the last day of court...things ended up in my brother and sister in laws favor, well really in my niece Hailee's favor. It looks like she will be staying with them permanently! This has been a long 18 months and I know everyone is glad to just know one way or the other what their tomorrow, next year, next 13 years is going to look like. I am so happy for you guys...love you!

This morning during breakfast Haddie cracked us up. She wanted a 3rd bowl of cereal, when Jason told her no she said..."You sir, are not a good neighbor" LOL.

We found this cute guy in the front yard today.

I had to look him up...introducing the Isabella Tiger Moth...well before he is actually a moth. Pretty interesting little guy, some can live 14 winters before finally becoming the moth.

The kids thought he was very cool. They really wanted to hold him, but I read the hairs can cause irritation so we just made do with looking. Reeeaaalllly close inspections went on for quite a while LOL.

Next we hit up Costco...and actually had lunch there for the first time.
My poor deprived kids, no they did not get their first soda's...they got watered down lemonade LOL.

We made up for it with some frozen yogurt...yummy, I had no idea this stuff was so good. Must go shopping at Costco more often LOL.

Back home Jason and Xander tried out some new walkie talkies...the kiddos got a big kick out of these.

A relaxing ending to a pretty busy day...Frozen for the 50th time. We love this movie around here, the girls are already acting it out and singing the songs. I even had Jericho open my resting eyelid and say "you wanna build a snowman?" Hehehe.

One major bit of suckage I found out about today. One True Media is closing up shop...which means I am going to have to stop doing the kids yearly montages, or I am going to have to find another place to do them. Another bummer to this is all the montages I have already done, listed on the right hand side in the montage area, will not be viewable after the end of May. Thankfully I bought them all on DVD, but they will be leaving the blog soon, so if you haven't watched them...or want to see them again, do it now.

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