Monday, April 28, 2014

Come on in summer, do stay a while!

Nest 8. No change today, but Momma bird stuck really close by while I took my pictures today. I'm not sure if this means they are getting closer to hatching so she doesn't want to go far...or she is just getting used to my 2 minute long morning photo shoots. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some hatching action in the next 3-5 days! Good thing we have some nice weather on the way...perfect timing for some baby birds to hatch!

Today's pics are some of my faves so far. I like how the grass is out of focus but the eggs are in focus. I keep hoping to get a photo nice enough to get a print of. That is why even though the nest hasn't changed I keep boring you with daily pictures, I keep trying for some really nice print worthy stuff.

Hello Momma bird...don't worry I'm not going to hurt your babies.

Isn't she pretty :)

Our strawberries look like they are starting to flower!!

We have some beautiful lilac's in the backyard, I don't think I remember these being here last year...or maybe we were just too busy remodeling this house to notice. I can not believe it has been a little over a year since we gutted and remodeled this place and it has almost been a year of living here too.

It was a gorgeous day today...supposedly it is supposed to be upper 70's-80's all week!!! Thank you for giving us another little taste!
The time is almost here...someone hold me. I picked up the triplets Kindy registration packets today. They have their "Kindergarten round up" orientation night in a couple days. The school is hosting a huge pizza dinner, fun and games, class room tours, meeting the teachers...should be an exciting couple of hours.

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