Saturday, April 26, 2014

Xander is going to protest soon.

Nest 6. No change. I am going to try to get a little more creative with the photos tomorrow.

We had dinner plans with our Irish trio friends tonight. Xander is a touch young for my friend Dina's boys, who are 8 and fact he got "cross with them" and then said he was going to go find them and "give them a piece of my mind" (totally his words LOL). BUT Hayden and Lily get along famously with Miss Natalia who is 6 1/2. These three are like little peas in a pod...we were there for almost 4 hours, and probably saw the girls 3 times LOL.

Dina has some funny (and not just looking ;) ) furry family members, Bella is the cutest...and loudest, little thing ever.

Then you have the nekkid kitties, I may need one of these some day. I don't think Jason will mind, he made a friend LOL.

Brooke, if I didn't already own THE sweetest pittie in the world I would suspect Brooke was. She is better than G in one area...nail clipping.

Dessert! These three are too cute.

The boys trashing Tristan and Jordan's room.

Stair fun...I swear Dina's kids teach mine something dangerous EVERY time we get together LMAO!! We love this family!
Natalia, lil peanut just flies down the banister.

Jericho wanted a turn...of course.
Dina and I had a little miscommunication, I thought we were just coming over for dinner and play date, Dina and Tali thought the girls were having a sleep over. We had planned to do one a month or so ago but we had to cancel and planned to reschedule. So I didn't bring anything for the girls to spend the night, but by the time Dina and I figured out we weren't on the same page the girls had already decided between them that Hayden and Lily would not only be staying the night, but that they would be wearing some of Natalia's PJ's. Of course Tali has both Hello Kitty and TinkerBell PJ's, slippers too. The fit was not exactly perfect LOL, but the girls were pleased as punch anyway.

Silly girls Hahaha!

This is the girls 2nd sleep over, their first with Cousin Hailee, went off without a hitch...I think this one will too. They were getting ready to have popcorn and watch a movie when we left.

So excited! Poor Xander was super upset, if he doesn't get some sort of a sleep over soon I think he is going to stage a protest. He cried his eyes out hugging his sisters goodbye, telling them he would be worried about them and miss them. Haddie was super sweet and told him she would draw him a special picture when she gets home tomorrow. Xander then cried the whole 40 minute drive home. Cried about missing his sisters...and how he would never see them again. He also cried because now the girls have had 2 sleep overs and he has not gotten to go to either. I can't wait for school to start, I am really hoping he meets some nice boys that he can make a great friendship with.

Thanks Dina, we always have so much fun with your amazing family...we are so lucky to have your friendship in our lives. XOXOX

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