Friday, October 24, 2014

Baby Bug is a fighter.

Poor Lily had a rough night. She was on a continuous breathing treatment and a high level of oxygen all night and into the morning. She slept pretty well, I got about 3 hours LOL.

Poor sweetie.

Jericho had school today, so after Jason dropped him off he brought a very concerned Xander and Hayden to see their sister for an hour or so. They were so happy to see each other. Xander kept telling the Doctor and Nurses to take good care of his sister.

Hayden made Lily a small card.

A little while after the kids left the Nurses came in and took her off the breathing treatment and also took her off the oxygen. She was still working hard, but was keeping herself in the upper 80' they let it remain off and just kept and eye on her. She was allowed a popsicle, which she didn't eat all of but enjoyed a little bit of it. Things were looking up!

A hospital staff member came in to see how our stay was, she showered Lily with a bunch of stuff to do. In addition to having any kids movie you could think of (seriously 600+ movies in their library) they make it like a mini Christmas around here...if she could get that IV out Bug would quite possibly be fully enjoying her stay LOL.

The kiddos had plans to go to Grandmas for dinner when Jason headed off to work, then Grandma would take them back to our house and stay with them either until I got home with Lily or Jason got home from work. Jason brought everyone by for another short visit on their way to Grandma's house. The girls got to do some coloring together. Hayden didn't want to leave, she wanted to move into the hospital with us.

Jericho was of course a little pest, I couldn't believe it when the Nurses came in saying how much everyone loved our family and that our kids were just so well behaved. I guess I should cut him some slack.

Lily got to eat her first meal, since dinner the night before, around 3pm today. She ate every bite! We were really thinking we were getting out today, then the Doctor came in to let us know the blood tests they sent off came back and we had our answer. Bomb is about to be dropped. Lily tested positive for the dreaded Enterovirus. We don't know if it is the really bad D68 strain, as that takes extra testing at the CDC. Unless she starts getting really bad they won't be testing her for which strain. She is still doing really well, but considering what virus she has they are keeping her one more night just to make sure they have things under control. This means no costume party tomorrow night...this is going to break all our kids hearts. Mine too actually, all that work on the costumes and now we can't

Grandma stopped by with all the kiddos on their way to our house. They had all helped her make a stuffed kitty for Lily and packed her some cookies. I want to thank everyone for the calls and well wishes and everything, it means a lot. This is one loved little girl. Fingers crossed we get to go home tomorrow.

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Wendy said...

Oh man :( the virus is all over Ohio right now-- three kids on our block got sick with it right when school started. Maybe they can bring her costume up to the hospital? I bet the staff would love to see everyone!
I hope she's better soon.