Monday, October 13, 2014

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

I have been putting off working on Xander's Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas mask for his costume. We are starting to get down to the wire, so I bit the bullet today and got most of it done. It wasn't as hard as I was worried it would be.

Grandma found a lamp shade for about a buck...that helped take the pressure off, at $1 I could afford another if I screwed it up LOL.
Jason put the shade on Xander's head and drew small circles (in the mouth area) where his eyes are. He also put a bolt and nut through a baseball cap (with the bill cut off) and screwed it into the shade base, this way the shade can spin around for the two faced Mayor.

I free handed the Mayor's faces as best I could.
Happy Mayor.

Not so happy Mayor.

I painted the shade with acrylic paint, it worked totally great...took a good 2 hours, but turned out pretty good.

Working on the other face. Jason did not get the two sets of eyes spaced evenly on the front and back, hopefully no one will notice.

Almost done, just gotta cut the black mouth out and replace it with some black see through fabric so Xan can see where the candy bowls are, and make his hat. It is not too shabby, I am no pro, but you can tell who he is supposed to be I think, so I'm happy LOL!

Best of all he gets to spin his mask just like he wanted...he is super happy with it, and that is all that matters :)

The trio had a jog-a-thon at school the other day, I didn't think the kindy kids were going to be doing it, but I guess I was wrong. They brought these certificates home, which told us how many laps around their soccer field everyone ran. Not too bad, I was especially impressed with Bug's 10 laps...anyone that knows her knows she is not our most athletic child LOL.

Funny from a couple days ago...
This kid right here. He was just arguing with me about going out front by himself to play with the neighbor boy. As it is almost dinner time I said no. Xander pretty much growled at me "Mom, I'm 6 years old". Did he really just "I'm 6 years old" me??? LOL.

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