Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sleeping in your own bed is so nice.

Lily surprised everyone and woke up in the mid 90's on her O2 stats and doing great this morning. The Doctor brought her a big bag with lots of candy in it, he said it was a consolation prize for having to miss the costume party tonight. The triplets were all super bummed and crying when we had to break the news that we couldn't go to the party...I'm going to try to find something else to dress up for. We hung around for a few hours...watched more movies, it was like a movie marathon weekend.

At one point Lily asked to watch the movie Brave, about 20 minutes later she noticed that we had not started it yet. She leaned over to me and whispered "You're fired". Good thing Bug hasn't lost her sass.

She got to take a nice wheel chair ride out of the hospital around noon. We were both ready, 2 nights in a hospital feels like 4. Night 1 she was so out of it she was out, last night not so much. Lots of whining about the IV, about going home, about not sleeping in her bed alone...which actually was ok, I think sharing her hospital bed was more comfy than being on my little pull out alone LOL.
The kiddos were ecstatic to be together again, Haddie made her sister an awesome card.

So sweet! For some reason my kids are all in denial that Lily has red hair, she is the blonde and Hayden is the brunette in these drawings.

She is on Prednisolone twice a day and nebulizer treatments 3-4 times a day for a few days, then hopefully we can stop them. She has to check in every couple days at the Pedi's office to make sure this thing doesn't sneak back up on her. The PICU Doc cleared her to go back to school, but we decided to hold everyone out until Wednesday, to hopefully cut down on the chance of spreading this around anymore. I know it is "just a virus" like any other cold or flu virus, but I would sure appreciate it if more parents kept their sick kids at we are trying to do our part.  My little Bug kicked Enterovirus ass!

A little funny...Another item the PICU staff sent Lily home with was the stethoscope they used on her in her room. This is proving to be a very fun parting gift. The kids are listening to every things heart beat...even items that do not posses one. The girls were just now listening to each others hearts. Lily took off running around in circles about 5 times then ran over to Hayden and said "Hurry Hayden listen before it stops." LOL!!! No stopping heart, no stopping! 

I got a couple consolation prizes of my own when I got home. My two new canvas prints!
I love this photo, I took at the fishing derby this summer.

I love my walls!

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