Friday, October 3, 2014

Student of the month!

Our very first Student Of The Month winner, Miss Hayden Cheyenne! Great job...keep it up!
She spotted us before they called her name, so she may have figured it out, but she sure looked totally surprised. They picked one child from every class, for a school that only goes K-5th...there were a lot of kids in the gym for the assembly. This is only one quarter of the room...explains why there are 5 Kindy classes LOL.

Congrats you guys, way to go!

Hayden was pretty impressed, Lily on the other hand gave me a glare, she was a little jealous I think.

So proud of you Haddie!

She was sad her Dad couldn't come, but we made a little video to send him. She was really excited that Grandma and Auntie Amber came and then got to go check out her class room too.

My cute student of the you! Keep letting yourself shine, you are a natural born bossy pants leader...I see lots more recognition coming your way if you keep at it.

Funny, she used to look so much like her Dad's side, but as she gets older I am starting to see a bit more me in there :)

Grandma and I headed home and got some more costume work done. We still have one maybe two more work sessions ahead of us, but we got a lot done.
Finishing up Lily's Shock dress, can't wait for Lily to see it!

Next we worked on my Sally dress. I got all the patchwork bits and pieces pinned on, Karen did most of the sewing...but I did jump in for a few minutes and sewed on a couple patches.

It is a little big, but super comfy and really cute. I loved how it turned out, and I love that it cost us all of $5.00 to make, instead of buying one for $40-50. Win!

I have read reviews that the store bought costumes do not have patches on the back of the dress, they are just plain white, we made mine different.

When Lily got home she was super excited to see her witch dress all turned out so perfect. 3 down...mine is done, Lily's is done and so is Jericho's. Jason's is almost done...I need to make his bat neck tie thingy, and Hayden's just needs the rest of the strips sewn on. Xander's is done except for the head...I have been putting it off like crazy LOL. Gotta tackle it soon.
We got a start on Hayden's mummy costume finally. One bed sheet ripped into strips and sewn on to some old sweat pants and turtle neck. Can't wait to see this one all done.

I got a break for a bit tonight with a couple girlfriends. Woohoo girls night!

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