Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This is how you play hooky.

The kiddos had to miss school today to go get flu shots, since that is so sucky, Jason thought we would spend the rest of the day having fun.

The appointment was a mess. Hayden reverted back to a hysterical mess this time, and even got Lily...who has never freaked out over shots, to drink her kool aid. We made it through, we left with 4 kids each with a sore leg, and an inhaler for Bug...who is still coughing, dang smokey camp fires.

We headed out to the coast for the day. Lunch at Mo's, the beach was a little foggy so we decided to start our fun at an old military base.

This was everyone's, except Jason's, first time to Fort Steven's. Jason had no idea when he suggested it that the kids would totally LOVE exploring and checking the base out as much as they did.

It was a pretty cool place.

Lots of neat stuff to check out outside.

Inside the different bases were cool, but also dark, old and kinda creepy.

Jason and the kids found a little garter snake.

They checked out some deep holes.

Lots of walking.

I love my crew, they are such a joy.

More inside exploring...Lily was crazy, she wanted to lead and didn't care if the group was with her or even if she had a flash light. Me, I was scared something was going to jump out at us...and I will admit to taking photos over my shoulder of the dark rooms to see if "anything" would show up in the pictures LOL.

The girls found a moth.

I preferred checking out the outside.

We found a toad too.

Fort Steven's was a hit...we will have to come back and try camping here, they even have yurts!

Our day of playing hooky continued at the beach. How we managed an impromptu trip to an Oregon beach in October and got a beautiful day I have no idea. Thank you, yet again, Mother Nature!

Haddie loves finding treasures on the beach.

The day may be nice but that water is freezing, these kids are nuts! They had a blast though, and that is all that matters.

Hurry Dad, I gotta fly!

The trio are all about playing in and running from the waves...Jericho is not all that into it, so he was not in a lot of these pics.

He prefers splashing in puddles and playing in sand.

And he has a lot of fun doing it!

We checked out an old shipwreck.

Then the kiddos may or may not have gotten to help drive on the beach again. They are still nuts LOL.

Fun day full of laughs, I could play hooky like this every day!

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