Thursday, October 2, 2014

Picture day.

My oh my, do my kiddos look tired at 8 in the morning. I hope pictures were not first thing, they needed a little time to wake up and come to life LOL.

Poor Bug looked especially rough this morning. She has been coughing all night pretty much since we were camping. I think the campfire smoke may have bothered her lungs, kinda like what happened with the blackened tilapia incident back when she was 11 months old. We have an appointment with the Doc soon...poor Lily.

Black and white helps make them not look quite as tired. They were really excited for pictures though, hopefully they turn out and we won't have to do retakes.

I totally missed the "Wear solid colors" memo until we already bought these, we'll have to see how bad it is. May be doing solids from here on out.

Hahaha this is Xander's grumpy, tired and missing his cartoon face.

That is a little better.

I love what black and white can do for a photo.

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