Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On the road to recovery.

We had a hospital recheck with the Pedi today. Lily is still doing well. Bug was hoping that we could stop the 3-4 nebulizer treatments per day but her O2 stats today, just an hour after a treatment, were only at 93...so the Pedi says they must continue. Good news, after today she can stop taking the steroids...which she hates more than the nebulizer anyway. Believe me the rest of us are glad too, roid raging Lily is not a pretty sight Hahaha. The Doc feels it very well could have been the D68 strain since it hit her so hard, she also thinks from here on out we will put Lily in the asthma category even though she hasn't had a lot of issues. She is a tough kid...hopefully in the next few days she will be good as new.

After this hospital ordeal I now have at least one kid who wants to be a Doctor, I think the masks help, they love these masks LOL.
We decided to go to an old fave Thai place for lunch, I love love love the food here...I won't give any other Thai place a chance LOL. Though I need to, 'Authentic Thai' is not close to us anymore.

The kiddos were not so sure about trying the food, but everyone ended up really enjoying the dishes that they tried...no spicy stuff for them though.

Back to school for all the kiddos tomorrow, they are excited. What was supposed to be a 4 day weekend...due to the teacher conferences, ended up a 6 day break. I'm ready too LOL.

One last bit of awesome news to share...our soon to be new family member was born on Friday! Shhh it is a secret. We got a pic of the babies at 1 day old, aren't they adorable! I can not wait to surprise the kiddos on Christmas morning!!! They have missed Gangster so much, they talk about him at least every other day.

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Heather said...

I'm so glad that she is doing better! I'm so glad you followed your mommy instinct and took her in.