Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day of fun!

We had a great Father's Day today. The kids Grandma was having a party for all the Dad's.
My kiddos are lucky to have so many great male role models in their lives...their Dad out shines all others by far!
Before we left the kids climbed one of our cherry trees to pick a few. I almost had a heart attack when I saw how high Xander climbed. If you look you can see Jericho down low, and Xan up high.

Usually it is Jericho that is the crazy one...but this is one aea Xander takes the lead. He is not afraid of heights.

We brought the dogs with us. Lycan was on his best behavior actually.

He is so handsome.

These two make a great pair...they play, play, then play, play, play some more.

Not the best at sharing LOL.

Cherry face.

This old mustang belonged to the kids Great Grandpa, he had been working on restoring it but it ended up sitting for the last 15 or so years. He recently gave it to my mother and sister in law. Grandma Karen has been working hard to have it ready to drive today. She wanted Great Grandpa to be able to take it for a spin. She still has more to do but it is coming along. The kids were totally impressed.

Sorry Hayden, you don't have a license.

Great Grandpa had a nice little drive.

A little later the kids got into an epic silly string fight.

The fun ended with a little headstand and yoga practice with Auntie Stacie. Fun stuff!

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