Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Giving this another try.

Only a couple more days of school left! The trio took the gifts for their teacher today
My blue Rex momma is giving it another go. She had 6 new babies today. Her lone surviving baby from her first litter, Oreo, is almost 6 weeks old today. I moved him to a cage by himself, hopefully we will have some more weaned babies that can join him soon.

Looks like 3 broken blacks.

A little blue just like momma.

Two whites. Hopefully we have better success this time.

The surviving Silver Fox babies are doing well. We have eyes opening! 12 days old...5 out of 10 still with us and doing great.

I got a little carried away taking pics of these little cuties. They are adorable!

Momma piggies, putting on some bulk....come on piglets.

We opened up some more pasture for the lawn mowers, this stuff is belly high....of course their bellies are hanging a bit low these days LOL. Gotta get these guys some workouts.

Keep eating got a long way to go LOL.

Probably the most weight I have seen on Ava since we got her...and you can still see ribs. Some horses have all the luck, natural effortless beauty and the skinny gene LOL.

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