Friday, June 10, 2016

Little Diva's

Today was the big day, both girls got accepted into the talent show, and they did a great job. There is no way I could have got up in front of the whole school and all the performers families, they are so brave! Lily did a fabulous job with Olaf's In Summer song, of course she has been singing that one for years LOL. Hayden sang Lost Boy by Ruth B., she didn't know the whole thing but sang the chorus a couple times.

The Silver Fox babies are a week old, we have lost 5 of the 10 sadly...but the surviving 5 are little chunks. Hopefully we don't lose any more. 2 blues are still with us...they are beautiful.

3 of the black babies are still here too. They are looking really good.

The chicks are almost 3 months old...dang they grow fast. This one I thought was a boy, but I'm starting to question that.

My one Salmon Faverolle boy.

Another one that is supposed to be a boy, I'm still not 100%, hope he starts crowing soon so I know for sure.
This guy is all boy. He is half Blue Laced Red Wyandotte and half EE.

This is the Olive Egger boy.
She is a fave around her color!
He is still up for grabs if anyone wants him....if not, he is about to end up dinner. Seems it only takes him about 3 days to forget his last ass whopping and needs another LOL.
Cute little butterfly I was taking pictures of....until the chickens saw it and then the chase was on.

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