Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just another day on the farm.

Poor Yahtzee, her two girls are almost as big as she is and still insist on nursing. I'm sure momma is about over it, Heidi and Lulu are 5 months old now...time to get off the milk bar LOL.
They are so pretty...and growing so nicely.

They have been leaving their big pen and doing some blackberry patrol. It is growing like crazy...can you see 4 goats in there?

Sweet girls.

Lulu is coming around...almost as friendly as Miss Heidi.

Heidi is hopefully headed for a show career, Hayden just adores this goat and has asked to show her.

I'm so glad she stayed here...she is a real gem.
The pigs are loving their new digs. Poor momma's look almost ready to pop.

I can't wait for these babies, I don't think she can either LOL.

Uni-piggie doesn't look far behind.

Loving this weather...I hope it lasts long enough to get me through another winter.

Spring is in the air. Ava is being super sassy, she is in season, and Scooter seems to forget he is a gelding not a stallion.

Naughty horses, I hope this passes quickly....and without any injuries.
Our littlest babies on the farm are two weeks old today, and doing great. All 6 are healthy and chubby.

The kids love baby bunny checks.

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