Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kitsune has backup.

We have a new addition to our farm, and family. We now co-own Mr. Lycan with my friend Dina, and he will be living here on the farm. He is a hunk!
Kitsune is not one to put up with his horny boy they have been working a few things out LOL. I do think packing her bags to live with Dina has crossed her mind LOL.

She can still out run him LOL. A few weeks here and he will be in tip top running condition.

Our little garden is growing!
Pool parties are awesome. A classmate of the trio's had a Shopkins party today.....much to Lily's delight LOL. All the kids, and Jason, had a blast swimming. Jericho might actually go to bed on time tonight LOL

The pool had a little whirpool area that the kiddos loved "riding" in, they went round and round.

Back at home after the party. 6,000 gallons of water delivered, took two truck loads. We will top off the remaining 2,500 or so with the well. Swimming pretty soon...summer better hurry and show up. Now we need to get 210 lbs of salt, and a bag of sand for the filter. This is quite the process.

A little Jericho funny today. We were at a restaurant waiting on our food. Xander and Hayden started a game of rock, paper, scissors. On the 2nd round, right at the perfect time after Hayden showed rock, and Xan showed paper....Jericho points his finger and says "gun, pow". LOL. The boy cracks me up.

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