Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I had wanted to get remarried for our 10 year anniversary but there is just too much going on, so maybe for our 15th LOL. This year we decided to get commemorative tattoo's.
We went to see our good friend Amanda, who has been our go to artist for the last 8 years.
She did the tattoo's we got for the tatts. She did my left upper arm and Jericho's footprints. Jason's dragon and my mother's tatt, my everything happens for a reason and the Viking rune Inguz.....and a couple others. She always does a great job...and this time was no different.

I went first. It took 2 hours to do mine, and I felt pretty much no pain until the last half hour.

We each got a wolf. Wolf tattoos have a variety of different meanings, loyalty, strength, pack/family....they also mate for life.

I'm so happy with how they turned out...but it has awakened the tattoo bug once again LOL.
I love you babe, couldn't have picked a better guy to run this pack with. Hopefully our next 10 are just as wonderful.
Hayden got her 3 days of basketball camp...she was a star. This girl could really have a bright future in bball.

Jericho got a little bored watching. Silly kid. How did he get so adorable?!

The pool is not set up yet, still need to get the pump going. The kiddos couldn't wait anymore. They have a blast in there with each other.

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