Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July!

Summer is in full swing. Love this time of year!
Our baby Royal Palms are 6 weeks now, they are ready for new homes! Momma has started laying again. Sadly, our other girl never showed back up after she abandoned her nest.

We found this cool guy today. It is the biggest moth I have ever seen.
Jericho, Hayden and I all got to hold him, Xander was about to take a turn when he finally flew away.

The kiddos wanted to know what kind of moth he was so I did a little research. Looks like it is a member of the Giant Silk month family, they are only moths for about a week...due mostly to not having a mouth to eat.

Supposedly the males have the bushy antenna.

There is your Giant Silk moth 101 lesson of the day.

Almost 2 weeks of getting farm strong and Lycan can actually beat Kitsune to the toy every once in a while now. She is not impressed LOL.

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