Monday, July 18, 2016

Wet dog.

Some fun at the lake today. These two crazies got a nice work out.
Kitsune loves to fetch, anything...anywhere. I think she especially loves playing fetch in the water.

Nobody likes to have a wet dog shake all over them LOL.

One of these does not swim like the other Hahaha. Lycan swims like he is drowning.

Group photo!

These two...fight over everything. Can't say I blame Kitsune, she does all the work of getting the toy then Lycan thinks he will just take it. Don't think so dude.

Almost looks like happy sharing eh?

Tired...nope, never.

Our piglets are a cute bunch. We are getting close to deciding which of Wildstyle's 3 boys will get to go under the knife. I can't say I am looking forward to doing it...but I'm watching a lot of Youtube so hopefully my first piglet neuters won't go too bad.

These three are of Goth...who at this point is looking like a neuter patient.

Miss Chic...still looking fab.
Mr. Bohemian...he is very studly.

Rocker is not a bad specimen either.

Another 5 weeks or so and these kids will be ready to go.

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