Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Piggie battle.

The piglets are getting bigger, and they can be mean little shits. The second litter is a week old now, everyone is looking good. Almost time to decide who gets to be sold as breeding stock and castrate those that don't make the cut. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos on it...hope I can do this LOL.

We have some really nice looking piglets.

WildStyle's 4 are already trying out food from moms dish.

So far I am not seeing any dippy backs...which is a good thing.

I tried to get a better look at Miss Chics pink spot on her nose. It is not a perfect heart shape...but close enough to be extra adorable ;)

Uni Piggie's babies are getting bigger, even the two smaller girls seem to be catching up a bit.

My Silver Fox momma and her one little doe left the boys and headed back to the doe bunny tractor. A little fur flew as re-introductions were made, but everyone settled down pretty quickly.

Lily can be such a grump. Only my little red head could be angry to be watching Finding Dory while I am busy making her favorite dinner...and have her favorite dessert waiting (luckily with Lily any dessert will do). Thinking about giving her a crust of bread, glass of water and sending her to her room with a book. You know by the end I will hear "This was the best movie ever!" Grrr.

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