Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence!

It is so hard to not spend all day watching these little cuties.
They are adorable.

What a size difference.
They love their Momma.

Dad did a little investigating of the babies today. One of the babies tried nursing Uni Piggie instead of her mom. Luckily momma pigs don't care who nurses who.

Too bad Uni Piggie is still a couple days away, no milk in that spout yet.

Already walking around.


Lily had a baby fall asleep in her warm lap...swaddled in her dress.

I couldn't spend all night with the new babies...we had kids, and their Dad, biting at the bit to blow stuff up. Real low key 4th this year, hopefully next year we can throw one of our usual parties....but it was a nice break.

Kitsune was a total nut, no surprise there. Lycan though did great....and didn't try to attack the fireworks or catch them as they went up in the air. Kitsune is crazy, she really is LOL.

Good boy Lycan...even if you have killed two baby turkeys now. I hope he learns soon that they are not toys to be picked up.

Eye protection from Grandma.
That is more like it LOL.

Happy 4th of July everyone...hope yours was fun and safe.

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