Monday, July 25, 2016

Get your bunny, get your bunny here!

We had some friends over to hang out...they wanted t pick out a couple baby bunnies too. The kiddos all had a blast checking out the critters, trying out the zip line, jumping on the trampoline and swimming. So much fun to be had on our little homestead, I love it!

The piglets are still not thrilled to be picked up but at least one of Uni Piggies girls is a little more cooperative than the rest.

The horses enjoyed the visitors too. Scooter and Ava are going to be moving on here pretty soon. I'm on the hunt for a couple new horses that will fit our family a bit better.

Going to find the Secret Garden the kids have made.

It is a cute little hidden spot, they even brought our little bench out there. I need to get some flowers and fairy houses for them to add.
Pool time!

I'm a wuss and like warm water...but the kids are in and out of the pool at least twice a day...good buy! Hopefully we can get a couple solar panels soon so I can swim too LOL.
We played with a couple of the baby buns...these two girls have a new home to go to as soon as they are old enough.

They put up with the attention, and tiaras, really well LOL.

While the kids were on their 4 day trip with Grandma, they got to go to their first Rodeo. Grandma sent me a few pics she took. They had a blast, the girls got to meet the rodeo Queen and her horse...ut oh LOL. They can't wait to go again.

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