Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Poor clumsy Momma.

A farm lifestyle is not all piglets and rainbows. The best you can hope for is the good to out weigh the bad. Today is one of the bad days sadly.
At morning check I found 2 dead piglets, I'm guessing due to accidental crushing. Poor momma pigs are just so big, and their babies are so tiny...and they want to huddle with mom for warmth. It can be a recipe for disaster. Now we are down to one little girl and 3 boys.

Sweet babies...darn I had wanted to keep one of the girls that died too.

I'm not sure when piglets are out of the woods, for crushing at least, but I hope it is soon. I am a nervous wreck.

She is such a loving mom.

So much mom for just 4 little babies Hahaha.
Uni Piggie has got to be close...poor girls belly hits the ground.

President Business...proud dad.
Home Depot run...Lycan is a dream to take places, all this time I thought Kitsune had an off button, Lycan has a much bigger button. He is lucky he has his redeeming qualities LOL.

We made some pig shelters...and tried getting the moms hot wired into their own area's. Uni Piggie wouldn't stay, but Wild Style and her babies settled right in.

Then Xan and Hayden decided to do some experiments with electricity...under the careful eye of their Dad LOL.

Hahaha good times!

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