Friday, July 8, 2016

It's not easy being tiny.

Man I hate finding dead piglets in the morning. Uni Piggie accidentally squished one of her little girls. Dang it. Hopefully we don't lose any more, I wish my morning checks didn't cause such trepidation.

Wild Style still has 4, they are 5 days old now and seem to be pretty good at getting out of the way. Fingers crossed that they are out of the crushing danger zone now.

Wild Styles 4 go on little walk abouts, under the hot wire, into their Dads section. I would like to give them another week or so then release everyone back together again.

They must be due for a growth spurt soon...still so tiny.

S'up Dad.

Uni Piggie and her 6, she is doing a good job...we lucked out with two good mommas. Now if they would just stop crushing their babies.

So sweet.

The littlest Rex babies are doing great, and Oreo likes to peak over the wall at them when I open the nesting area LOL.

Since my Salmon Faverolle roo died right after I set the chicken eggs in the incubator I was really hoping I would get a Salmon Faverolle roo to take over for his dad. I lucked out and got a beauty!
We kept him when we sent all the other boys off to their new destination.

Somehow when I was rounding up the roosters I missed one. He is either an Olive Egger or another Faverolle...can't quite tell yet.

He is pretty...I will give him a little more time.

One of my Olive Egger pullets. She is so beautiful, She is very iridescent lots of purple and green...even though it doesn't come across too well in the pics, in person she is so lovely to watch.

She needs a name.
For once the sex change fairy worked in my favor. This is one of the white and red babies...that are always, like 99.9% boys...well this one ended up being a girl. I had written her off as a boy a long time ago, happily surprised that I was wrong! I think the kids want to name her Ariel.

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