Sunday, July 10, 2016

Picture day.

Today was a picture day for my rabbit herd. The babies are almost ready to go, and I am making plans for my next litters. Xander and Hayden helped be bunny wranglers.

This kid...he begged his Dad to shave his head yesterday. Such a big kid.
Silver Fox babies get big so fast, these guys are only 5 weeks but already as big as 8 or 9 week Rex kits.

Their momma has grown into a pretty thing.

Batman had a little date with Kitty a few days ago,, hopefully more babies will be here in about a month. Kitty is a nice doe, I just need to learn to pose her a bit better.
The youngest Rex litter is coming along...still all 6 with us, I think half of them are little girls too!

After this litter momma will get a rest until August or September. She is such a nice doe...I really lucked out. I can't wait to breed her to my new guy Dr. Doom.

My otter doe is not quite as nice, I bred her to Doom last week. We will see if she can out produce herself...if not she will be moving on to a new home or freezer camp.
Dr. Colosso too, he is on his way out soon I think. This is Doom...he is just so much nicer.

Another great morning dead piglets! Which is good, because we have had a ton of interest in them.

Shopping is always fun when I HAVE to bring Xander and Jericho LOL. Boys, boys, boys.

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