Sunday, July 24, 2016

Handy, handy.

Jason went to work on some bunny grow out pens for me today. I love my bunny tractors, just move them every few days...the buns get fresh grass to eat and the poop turns back into win!

I'm so lucky to have such a handy guy! Thanks babe, just one more to go....for now LOL.

The nail gun and other power tools makes Lycan go nuts LOL.

The youngest Rex litter enjoying their new space. Once Momma goes back into my doe tractor, this one will become the baby girl grow out pen.
The smaller pen is my boy grow outs...the bigger pen behind them is my doe tractor. I have sold two of my Silver Fox boys, and 2 of the Rex girls so far.

Two baby girl Rex buns. They are so cute.

Lycan is chilling with the buns.

He is not as big of a PITA as Kitsune with the critters.

Last couple of days with mom...I bet she can't wait to get away LOL.

My Dutchies are such beautiful examples of their breed. It is incredible that the breed is over 100 years old, and today's Dutchies still look like they did 100 years ago. Dutch Shepherds will begin appearing in the AKC in 2017...I hope people don't screw them up like they did the German Shepherd and so many other breeds.

I am getting super excited for Dutch pups next year, as long as these two pass their health excited!

Such a pretty girl, so feminine yet strong.

Big lug...he is such a sweetheart.

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