Saturday, July 9, 2016


Morning checks went good today, Uni Piggie still has her 6, and Wild Style still has her 4...whew. I have heard that usually after the first 3 days the piglets are much better at staying out of the way, the new babies will be 3 days old tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we don't have any more babies lost.

There is one girl I have my eye on in this litter....2 others that will be for sale, all the boys will be for sale. They are all so cute though.

Wild Style has been doing great...her 4 oinkers are starting to get bigger, and they look like they have nice builds going so far. Look at the little booty's LOL.

I hope she passed on her beautiful structure.

That is the one little girl left, back pile...on top.

We have decided that we will be hanging on to her and seeing how she grows out.

The boys look real nice so far too.

I could literally sit in this pig pen with them all day taking pictures. This time of year makes the crappy winters seem worth it.

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