Thursday, July 7, 2016

Really Uni Piggie.

I literally sat with her all afternoon and evening yesterday, she was acting like she was about to release the hostages...but by dark I called it a night. Wouldn't you know that brat had 7 healthy babies in a nice little nest by 7am when Jason saw them. Grrr, it's a good thing this breed is quite good at birthing on their own. She is one proud momma.

She gave us a beautiful litter of 4 girls and 3 boys! We will be keeping a girl, but the rest will be for sale.

Doesn't she look like a happy, and smiling, momma.

All lined up at the milk bar.

I never get tired of the babies around here!
Pedigree for the litter.
Non-registered weaners $100 ea
Registered piglets $250 ea
Guess who can't find her swimsuit bottoms? LOL...good thing today was not a pool kind of day. I hope birthday party day is nice.

Yucky, misty foggy evening.

We tried to get Uni Piggie to move to a part of the pen with a shelter...she wouldn't budge. Her babies were getting wet, so we decided to bring the shelter to her. What a diva. I got to hold a lap full of babies while their mother rearranged their new digs.

Be careful momma, I hope to find 7 babies alive and well tomorrow.

6 roosters left for a new um short term home today...good journey boys.

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