Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bacon seeds!!!

I have been watching this girl like a hawk, I knew we were getting close. The one day I had to go run around all day, she decided to have her piglets. 3 boys 3 girls...6 cuties!!

This is my first go with piglets. I didn't know after a gestation of just under 4 months the babies come out ready to run, eyes open and they have teeth. I hope they all make it, I guess getting crushed accidentally by mom is a big risk early on. Fingers crossed.

The kiddos were so excited to see the babies. Piglets are little screamers if their feet aren't touching something...they hate having their feet off the ground.


Xander said "These piglets have stolen my heart" Awww.

She is a happy momma.

Two of the males have a little white on their front feet. A little white is OK per the breed standard, but I prefer to have all black for breeding stock.

Gosh they are cute!

My boar is a proud dad. He has grown into a real nice boy, beautiful structure, topline...and he has a super low inbreeding %.

Momma has also grown into quite a nice pig. Topline, shapely hams...and best of all she has taken to motherhood like a fish to water.

 The pedigree of the litter.
Non-registered weaners are $100 ea.
Registered piglets are $200 ea.
All the babies are for sale.

These babies are getting big, almost 3 weeks old...out of the nest box and annoying their mother already LOL.

I got a new pedigreed Rex buck...this is Dr. Doom, he is a broken blue otter. He is a nice, show quality boy, can't wait to see how he produces with my 2 Rex does.

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