Saturday, April 25, 2009

6mo 3wk

Lily's upper front tooth has poked through...this makes #3!
Hayden has one lower middle tooth that just poked though and the one right next to it will be through in a day or two. She has also started rolling over in her sleep and waking on her tummy. They will be watching their first Superbowl today :)

6 months 4 weeks
Lily still has just the 3 teeth, Hayden has 2...we are still waiting on Xan. They have found their toes, Lily can grab hers on her own, her bro and sis are working on it. Xander has joined Hayden in rolling over during the night...Lily not yet. They are getting better at trying to reach for's almost there. Their dexterity while playing with toys is very very good now. They are just about out of all the 3-6 mo clothes, the 6 month stuff fits much better. Their daddy and I got our commemorative tattoos.

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