Saturday, April 25, 2009

7 months 1 week old

Xander is trying hard to make "Momma" his first word....we have something that sounds like Mommmamommamommma LOL Hayden is going to be the first to crawl I think, she is trying so hard and gets so frustrated sometimes. She has started doing that rocking thing and thinks she is so cool :) Lily has started shaking her head "no" all the time, she thinks it's so funny. We have put the girls in their own cribs, they started bugging each other....they sleep better now.

7 1/2 months
The babies are almost over their cold! They had their EI (early intervention) evaluations and the Doc's were so happy and impressed with how the babies are doing. The girls won't need to go back, for a re-check, until around 15 months. Xander has a tightening of one neck muscle that makes him tilt his head slightly. So we need to do some PT for him and have a re-check in 3 months. Now that they love sweet potato's we are introducing them to green beans, so far they like those too. Well not so much Hayden...she is still not too crazy about any solids. She is however so very very close to crawling, she gets up on all 4's and rocks herself forward, I bet it's a week maybe 2 away. They are all sitting for longer and longer before falling over...and are really into bigger more interactive toys now.

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