Friday, April 24, 2009

First week or so*

4 days old-

Another update....So the CPAPs came off this morning and were still off 12 hours later when we went to bed. They all had little apnea and such spells but all seems to be going great,the Doc and nurses did say to not be down or caught off guard if they do have to go back on them.Hayden is doing the best at this point, she may be ready to try mouth feeds soon! Xander and Lily are doing well....not tolerating feeds as well but now that I have moremilk they may take it better than the formula. Xander and Lily got their PICC lines in with no problems and are looking good there.I got to do Kangaroo care with each of them today, Xander and Hayden for 2 hours each and Lily for 1....they all LOVED it...and so did I!! Hayden tried to suckle and seemed to really be into the boob I know there may be steps back tomorrow or soon but today was an absolute GREAT day!!!!! I think it got a lot more real holding them was awesome how much it soothed and relaxed them to be on my chest....and me too for that matter LOL
Girls catching some rays...under the Bili lights

Xander 4 days before CPAP was off and just after it came off

Hayden before & after CPAP 4 days old

Lily and momma 4 days old CPAP just off!

1st Kangaroo time with each baby

1 week-

The trips are doing awesome!!Hayden took 23ML's by bottle today....I had just pumped so I did not get to try her on the boob, but she did it like a pro!!!! Everyone was so happily surprised that she could do it So now we will probably get to do one mouth feeding per day and slowly increase it!!They had their brain u/s No bleeds at all, Xander and Lily did have some little cysts which the Doctor said was 100% normal and would go away.All three are now doing great on their feeds, no more residual coming back from Xander or Lily!!!! They discovered their feeding tubes were actually in too far, once they took them out and replaced them at the proper depth the residules stopped.My milk supply is not coming in like it needs to be so I am going to try some herbal stuff and if all else fails maybe get a script from the Doc. I was told I would need 2500-3000ML's per day to BF 3 babies....right now I am lucky to get close to 200-300ML's per day. So Lily is on 100% breast milk, Xander too....Hayden is getting half milk and half formula when there is enough.We got to do more Kangaroo care favorite part of the day!!Well that's about all for now...I am off to bed!!

Babies 1 week old, pics in birth order...X,H,L.

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