Saturday, April 25, 2009

9 1/2 mo we have a couple standers

Xander and Hayden are pulling themselves up! Little Lily is gonna get left in the dust if she doesn't try to keep up....she is still happy to just sit and play. She can stand for a min but we have to stand her, she is not trying to pull up yet.
We have started some finger foods now...though they don't feed themselves at all yet.
We all went to family night at the NICU for the 2nd time since the babies came home. We are looking forward to the big yearly reunion in August!

My normally very happy girl, Hayden, has been so fussy...I think she wants to walk already and is getting frustrated. That and she sucks down her 8oz bottles in under 2min so it's gone and she is crying for more before it has even registered that she is full LOL Poor Hayden it's been a tough couple of weeks for her.

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Anonymous said...

They are getting SO big! My gosh...seems just like yesterday they were born...