Saturday, April 25, 2009

First word*

How can this be...3/2/09
Hayden has been saying something like Daadaa Daadaa Daadaa all day, I say 'like' because I refuse to believe that is her first word. We NEVER say Daadaa, I have however been saying Momma Momma Momma for weeks she just trying to make me mad. My good boy Xander is still trying to say Momma....not much out of Lily yet.

Xander has started pulling the girls hair...poor things. After day one of green beans it was a no go, but they will eat them if mixed with sweet potatos. They seem to like peas far. Xander is trying to get up on all 4's now like Hayden, I still think she will be the first to crawl though.

7months 3 weeks
Lily holds her own bottle a lot now, and they can all sit up for long periods before they fall over. They are now in either 6-9mo or 9 month sizes....these guys are getting so big way too fast! Hayden is such a jibber jabber she "talks" all day long.

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