Friday, April 24, 2009

6 and 7 weeks

6 weeks
Everyone is doing awesome, the trio are 6+ lbs each now and plowing through the chow! The girls had their cardio appt. the ultrasounds looked good, Doc thinks they are fine...wants to follow up in one year! They are still not sleeping great at night...but somehow I am managing LOL

When we do sleep it looks like this.

7 weeks
Xander and Hayden are 7 lbs now, Lily is 6 lbs!!! They all can lift their heads while down for tummy time and move them from side to side...they have been doing this for a couple weeks now.Today Hayden has figured out how to roll from her tummy onto her back...she has done it like 5 times in the last half hour, it's like she has found a new trick...the net day she was over it and hasn't done it again. The babies went to their 1st party at the in laws, Labor Day was never so fun. Here is a pic of Jason, his mom, and his grand father with the babies.

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