Thursday, April 23, 2009

Even those that STC can be miserable during pregnancy

I hate being sick-Zofran is my friend!!
Gotta vent-I am so happy to be PG....really I am...we went through a lot, and got a huge payout. I hope it doesn't sound awful of me to say this but, I am miserable too.I am so sick all day everyday, I am getting so frustrated. I called Jason from work yesterday crying and asked him to go get me SeaBands....which he did and they are helping a little. It seems if I don't snack or eat every 2 hours without fail I get so sick that then it is hard for me to even see food. All the books I am reading, these are great books recommended by other multiple moms, tell me to gain a pound a week and eat all the time, that it's the best way to help the babies stay put for as long as possible. I feel horrible because I can't eat like I should and I just know everyone is going to blame me if something happens. Jason is cramming food at me all the time and doesn't understand why it's so hard to 'just eat'.I can't help but wonder if we did reduce would I feel better....I never will reduce and hate myself for even thinking it....what the he is wrong with me?!?!?! I will have to give up my job and we will only have Jasons income. I am worried about being too busy caring for three babies to actually enjoy them. I worry if I will have enough love for all three....will I love them as much as someone does with just one baby. Stupid hormones!Just say no-Man how many times do I have to say no to reduction?!?!?
My NT scan...check for Downs markers-The scan went awesome, and the babies all look big! The Doctor said really good NT measurements are 1-3mm, the babies were 1.4,1.5, and they said chromosome problems are very unlikely, and they saw no need for CVS or amnio!!!The babies are measuring...
A- 7.62cm crown to rump, 13weeks 5days, Heart rate 152.
B- 7.10cm CRL, 13w 2d, HR 163.
C- 7.08cm CRL, 13w 2d, HR 153.
So baby C has caught up and all three are pretty much the same size!!They want to do an early anatomy scan in 3 weeks and they think they will be able to tell us the sex of the babies!!
I hate puking- Blah...I am so tired of feeling sick!! A second round of IV fluids today.I was there for 3 hours got two bags of fluids, plus two bags of Zofran, and a bag for the crappy heartburn that came on while I was there.Hopefully this helps.....
OMG please stop the wake you up in the middle of the night leg cramps!! While your at it can I please poo!!!

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