Friday, April 24, 2009

25 weeks I check in for a night of observation

My hospital stay- Everything is going to be OK...I have been having a lot of BH so I called the Doc and he wanted wanted to check me out. He admitted me for monitoring just to be on the safe side. I checked in at 25 weeks 1 day. 10 days ago my cervix was 3.4 and I was 179LBs, today I am 176LBs and my cervix is 3.1. Looks like I am 50% effaced but not they will probably let me go late tomorrow or early Sunday. I have a belly monitor strapped to me and these leg things on that squeeze intermittently....loads of fun. Then that 1st night contractions hit like crazy. I went on Mag., Nifedipine, and a couple other things to try and stop them. Got the steroid shots just in case, thank goodness they were able to get the contractions under control...but my thoughts of going home were shut down. That first week was really touch and go. The 6 weeks in the hospital were pretty lame, mostly same ol same ol: contractions, meds to stop them, - FFN tests, blood work, failing my 1 hour GD test, passing the 3 hour, daily checks of the babies heart rates, cervix getting shorter then longer then shorter....lots of T.V. and internet, and very little sleep!!God please make the heartburn and acid reflux stop eeekkkk!! I for sure was in the hospital for the hardest part of my pregnancy.

1 week in @ 26 weeks

29 weeks
Last belly pic I got 30 weeks 1 week before the babies came.

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