Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/12/09 9 months old

The trio turned 9 months on Easter, the next day they had their 9 month appt.
We put off starting their vaxs again...I am thinking we won't start until they are 2, I feel like I will be a lot more comfortable with that.
Xander now has two teeth poking through...bottom middle. Hayden is still at #5, and Lily has #8 coming in. None of them were low on iron and they are doing so well the Pedi isn't going to adjust their age back anymore! They are doing much of what 9-10 month olds should be doing. She doesn't see any issues what so ever.

Xander weighs 21lbs 3oz ...50-75% he is 29 1/2" long ...75-90% all actual age!
Hayden 21lbs 8oz...90% she is 28 1/2" long...75% all actual age!
Lily 19lbs 13oz...50-75% she is 27" long...25% all actual age!

I swear as soon as they hit 9 mo they have been trying to go toddler on us.
We put up the baby pen, Xan and Hayden were just too hard to keep in the play area.

Xander is now holding his own bottle too, Hayden is our hold out. Lily, my darling Lily, is saying momma clear as day...not sure if she knows any more than Hayden does when she says dadda that that's us but it's something. Nothing but screams and growls out of Xander yet.

We took the babies to a little by the lake was fun and they looked so cute in their "Thing" outfits

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cherlyn said...

Your babies are sooo cute! We have a boxer also and he's very good with our kids. They love him! Where did you get your "thing" onsies? I want some for my kids. Saw your blog on TC.

Cherlyn (re-tired clown on TC)