Friday, April 24, 2009

This was not easy

So I had to take all three to a Doctors appt. by myself...oh lord. I had the girls in their car seats in the twin stroller and Xander I wore in a sling. What a process, I am going to try to not have to do that again! Their 1st Ped. visits went well...everyone is really impressed with how they are looking for preemie multiples. Xander is 6 lbs now, and his circ is healing perfect...the girls are closing in on 6 lbs too! They will be 6 weeks old this Saturday 8/23/08 and I can't believe how they have grown...they are totally fitting the preemie clothes and actually a few outfits are getting a little tight. I had my 6 week postpartum appt. and have been cleared...I have another 10-15 lbs to go until I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight!! I have sadly just about given up on pumping, I just don't have enough time or energy to pump and care for three babies. I am happy that they had a good month of mostly breast milk, I wish it was longer but I can only do so much. I am trying to not dry up completely so I can still suckle one when needed. The babies are still not sleeping well at night, unless they are in our bed. I can't wait for them to sleep through the their own beds!!

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