Friday, April 24, 2009

Babies get to visit each other

We are family...7/31/08
Just a couple days shy of 3 weeks old...they would be 34 weeks gestation today. Xander and Hayden were taken out of their isolettes and put in a crib together!!! They only have the ability to have 2 babies per room so Lily is still in her own adjoins Xan and Hayden's room. She is still in her open isolette for now (Lily got her own crib the following morning). They did however allow Lily to come visit Xander and Hayden. They laid her in their crib, Lily couldn't take her eyes off her brother and sister. This is the first time since birth she has gotten to see them or even be in the same room, I about cried....she was like hey I know you guys.
They are getting more bottles per day now, and they are doing a better job at the breast...thank you nipple shield. Lily has hit 4 lbs....Xander is 4lbs 4oz, and Hayden is 4lbs 6oz!!!! We have been told to expect them home in the next 10-20 days....I can't believe how great they are doing!!1st photo together...X,H,L

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