Friday, April 24, 2009

5 months old!*

12/12/08 5 months old!! The babies are huge, rolling more regularly and being very vocal. I took a picture (the one above) on their 5 month the turned out so good it is printed and up in our house. Hopefully they won't object later :) These guys are really getting fun is so fun starting our own family traditions. Coming into the Christmas season it's cool to watch the same old movies and hang the same old ornaments but it all seems new because we have these three amazing little people!

Babies watching their 1st ever Christmas movie
Some 1st laughs on video

12/14 Snow They had their first encounter with snow....Jason had to just bear hug them to hold them all for a picture. Pretty soon we won't be able to hold them all at once, while standing anyway.

Some more sleepy babies and a funny trio "Got Milk" outfit

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