Saturday, June 9, 2018

Burn Mother F...oh.

The pups had a new visitor today. Kitsune and Lycan were trying to hog up all the time playing fetch.

Finally got that awful green shed torn down and set ablaze. Sadly a newborn mole was found. Lily tried to smuggle it inside, but eventually was convinced that we can not care for it. Unfortunately in the morning she will likely learn one tough lesson...nature isn’t always nice (I’m guessing mom will not come back and it will not survive the night). My sweet teary eyed red head is bunking with us tonight.

The kids had a blast demolishing it. Hayden thought she was super funny and oh so cleaver with her redo of a Beyoncé song.... "I'm a shingle lady" when they were taking the shingles off before burning the wood LOL.

Lycan and a couple kittens took a short trip.

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