Monday, June 18, 2018


The big day for Xan and Bug. Their first time at away camp. They were still pretty excited when we left. Fingers crossed they have a week of fun, and are kept safe and sound. Funny tidbit, Jason and his sister both went to outdoor school here, so did the kids Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunt Julie...and Auntie Stacie and Grandma were both camp counselors here too. Looks like we are keeping with tradition.
Grandma and Auntie came with on drop off day.
Excited kids!

Kissing this moose is also tradition I guess.

Looks like a great place! We are not overly religious people...mostly just believe in being a good person and the chips will fall as they may, but I'm glad the kids are getting a chance to learn some new things and form their own opinions and relationships.

They are going to have a blast!

Jericho was pretty jealous today, and Hayden can not wait to leave for her camp next week.
Goodbyes are hard, trusting your kids to strangers is even harder....breathe.

After drop off some of our pups had their vet check for health certs to fly to their new homes. They did great, minus the puke fest in my car LOL.

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