Thursday, June 28, 2018

Last kitten standing.

These two made their first trip to Dutch Bros...they were a big hit, the Shine sticker is from their adoring barista fans! 1 last kitten boy with tiny white patch on his neck. He is a total sweetheart, very friendly and talkative.
Mr. S'mores was gifted some bling, good choice Lily! He is so camera loves him.

Such a handsome fellow...and so chill. Didn't even complain when I gave him his 1st shot.

I met a cute boy 16 years ago, 4 years later I married him. Tomorrow this amazing man and I celebrate 12 years of marriage. He is my rock, he holds everything together even when I do my best to be a total PITA. He is the best partner for a crazy, demanding, bossy, stubborn gal like myself. I hope I can manage to not run him off. I love him more than I can express and am so proud of him, so blessed.

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