Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Lots of running.

These little Devil Dogs are 6 weeks old, time flies when you are having fun. They are just starting to get to be too dangerous for the kids to play with them all together. They pack up like wild dogs and latch on to anything that moves. I think it is natures way...the last two weeks really helps with everyone being ready to send them off to their new homes LOL.
Hayden and Jericho have figured out if they do laps around the house the pups will chase them for a good 20 min, good way to wear out Jericho...err the pups!

Brenna made him cry, she had a death grip on his shorts and would not let go LOL.

Speaking of running laps. Hayden got a spot on the 3rd grade team to do an annual multi school track meet. Her first time racing, she had fun...we shall see if she does it again next year.
We all went to cheer her on!

Oh the "I'm Bored"s...all the time. So looking forward to summer HA!

Teacher gifts done. Just in time. These were fun to do!

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