Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kitty power.

Drusilla babies are a month old already! Got to spend a few minutes out side for a photo shoot. They are cuties!

We decided to name him S'mores. He is so adorable!

He is sweet and adorable!

This is not Keto approved, but it is tasty!

This is so my girls. Hayden likes chill girl colors she’s very tidy, very practical, very mature and ready for her horse camp. She is already packed and doesn’t leave until the 24th. Lily (who originally we didn’t even plan to send to a camp...but she felt a little left out and asked to go to one even if it wasn’t an artsy “indoor” camp) she has a very pink suitcase, filled more with stuffed animals and toys than clothes, very girly, very careful and our biggest tv junkie. I will give it to her, asking to go to a regular outdoorsy camp blew us away, very proud of her for that...but what did she tell us to absolutely not forget to pack for her (cause you know she only handled the stuffed animals)....her DESCENDANTS pajamas LOL. Xan and Lily leave tomorrow...I’m trying not to be a nervous wreck, so far they don’t seem nervous or scared at all.

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