Thursday, July 23, 2009

Babies 1st trip to the beach.

So they didn't get to actually set foot in the sand but we spent all day at Seaside and had a great time. Today was our last day with B...though we will see him for a family picnic tomorrow. I think an afternoon having fun at the beach was a good end to a very busy and fun week.

We started off with the babies 1st carousel ride

Then B and Jason got on the Tilt a whirl

and the bumper cars

Then we stopped for some cool treats...while in the ice cream shop we saw this Cow-ch and I couldn't resist :)

After that it was time to head back to the van for diaper changes and bottles...we got some funny looks LOL

We did a little walking...went to the spot where the Lewis & Clark trail ended, but the triple stroller is not made for sand so we didn't get out to the water.
B got to go to the arcade and we all LOVED a game called Fascination!

We ended the day by taking the babies on a choo choo ride!!!

After tomorrows picnic at the lake I swear we are not leaving the house for a week...this has been a non stop 7 days and I am so tired LOL B we hope you had a great time, looking forward to next summer :)
Now for a small rant. If you come to a restaurant and at one of their out side tables is a family with 3 babies and you decide to sit down out there NOT give nasty looks to the babies when they start banging their hands on the table and giving little squeals of delight. A- we were there first and went out side to try and let the people inside have a peaceful meal. B- babies make noise, you saw them when you walked out if you don't like it go back inside there were plenty of free tables. Finally to the damn Bees...get up off my babies and my food. End rant.

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Photogrl said...

Looks like a great time! :)

I'd be exhausted, too. You all have been busy!