Monday, July 6, 2009

My son plays catch!!!*

Here is a video of Xan and his daddy playing catch, this little guy has an arm on him!! Also some other playtime videos and a few pics from today. We went out to get some more party stuff, can't believe it's this Xander has busted out his first recognizable word....Daadaa. Well at least Lily said Momma sweet little Lilybug :)

There has been some sad news lately and it makes me so thankful for our babies health, and every day I just hope for more to follow. I have come to realize you are never out of the woods...and that sucks. First you hope to just get pregnant, then you hope for viability. If they come early, like in my case, you hope you get to bring them home. Then you freak out about SIDS and once that passes you think you are safe and can breathe easy. You just can't, things can happen out of the blue and there is nothing you could do. It's hard to do in real life, with real life crap falling on us, but hold every moment dear...make memories that can last forever because nothing else does. People may think I'm nuts with my pictures and videos but one day they will be so fun to sit and look at with my kids when they are all grown up. And if "one day" never comes then they will be very special to those left behind.

Xan wasn't feeling up to many pics...but the girls hammed it up :)

Check out my little man playing catch!

Here is his other fav game...throw all the toys out of the play yard :)

Hayden and Lily do a little playing with dad.

Oh and here is a very quick one...a first step from Xander!

Thanks for sharing in our memories!

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Mommy Jai said...

WOW! You werent kidding, Katrina! Xander sure does have an arm on him!!! Thats amazing!!!

You have such beautiful kids. Always so happy, and SO SO cute!!!!