Saturday, July 18, 2009

The trios first time to Multnomah Falls

We took the babies and B to the falls today, the babies had never been and my nephew hadn't been since he was a baby. Lucky for me there were quite a few steps to get up to the mid point (I had no intention of going all the way up it's like 5 1/2 miles) so I didn't even have to go that far. I stayed with the stroller and babies while Jason, B, and Gangster went up to the mid point and waved down at us. I guess while they were up there a man and his kids came up and started petting Gangster. About 3 min into the petting fest the man asked if he was a Boxer, Jason said no he is a Pit Bull the guy grabbed his kids and was like err we gotta go...WTF?!?!
Then we drove to Cascade Locks and chilled for an hour, a couple kids came over to pet G, who was a perfect gentleman as always. I wish people would judge the dog on the dogs merits and not by breed.
My nephew has been having a blast, he was supposed to go home on Monday but called his parents tonight and begged to stay until Friday, we told them it was fine with us so they agreed. I hope this ends up being his best summer yet :)
Here are some pics of the falls...the bridge is what I call the "mid point", I don't think it actually is, you can see the begining of the falls at the very top of this pic. I guess there is a place to look out from way up there but I highly doubt I will ever see it myself...5 1/2 miles of straight up puh-lease!
I tried to zoom in on Jason and B but my little camera didn't have what it takes :) Jason is the 4th in from the right next to the guy in the red, B is next to him and you can't even make out Gangster.
This is a pic they took looking down at me from the can see the stroller pretty well.

B walking Gangster at the Locks park.

Oh and Xander is no longer allowed to be in just a diaper. He has discovered he can take it off and play with his wang....then pee on my floor LMAO!!!

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What a beautiful place to visit!