Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!!!*

This time last year I was about 30 weeks pregnant and watching fireworks from my hospital bed. I had already been there 5 weeks and was not feeling very independent LOL. Fast forward, and man does it feel fast, we have 3 beautiful babies who will turn one in a week...crazy! We spent the early afternoon at Grandma's house, another 94 degree day today so we got to play in the pool some more! Then the late afternoon we were over at a friends BBQ, my friend has 7 kids and still managed to bonk Xander's head on two door ways as she carried him through her house. No worries Dina, he has no bumps or bruises :)

Xan with Great Grandpa, Hayden with Grandma, and Great Uncle Ron.

Trying to get Hayden settled down for bed Hehehe

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mommara said...

How fun! Looks like a great time...

Hey check this out.

I think your floats have been recalled. :) Happy 4th